Bonus points help

What are bonuspoints?

With every order on you earn so-called "bonus points". These bonus points can be redeemed to obtain attractive discounts.

Which discount options are possible?
Option Bonus points Discount in €
Bonus points can only be used for the value of goods, not for shipping and associated costs! Bonuspoints cannot be transfered from account to another.
How do I receive Bonuspoints?

A purchase value of 10 Euroes gives you one bonuspoint.
For example: At a purchase price of 32.49 euros yoiu receive 3 points.

Where can i see the current of my earned bonuspoints?

You can check the amount of bonus points on our service page.

Redeem Bonuspoints

If you have already collected bonus points, you can redeem them on your next shopping at Trendy-Jewels as discount. Please choose one of the options in the table above. You can redeem a maximum of 50 Bonus points per order.

If you decide to redeem bonus points on a purchase, you will not collect new bonus points for that purchase.