Jewelry lexicon

Welcome to our jewelry lexicon. Here you can find explanations of key terms from the world of jewelry.


The ALENGIO collection consist of high quality sterling silver jewerly. Alengio offers a wide range of charms and glass beads that will also fit onto your Pandora bracelet.

Light to dark purple variety of quartz macrocrystalline. Works against anxiety dreams, drunkenness, homesickness and witchcraft, abstinence.


There are some properties making gold the ideal material for jewelry creation: resistance, formability and bright color.

Designates the precious metal content of alloys

Damage or destruction of a metal by chemical or electrochemical reactions with its environment.


Pandora jewelry is crafted in genuine precious metals such as gold and silver. Pandora aims to inspire and be inspired by all women who want to create their own style and tell their own unique stories.

Silver belongs along with gold because of its excellent material properties to the most important precious metals for jewelry.


Imitation of precious stones by highly refractive glass.

Synthetic zircon, used as an imitation of diamond.